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The impact of our work

Woman holding baby

Our Impact in 2017


Current results for procurement showing savings of up to

Surgeons in Theatre


$80 million

queried expenditure settled

Men talking on Mobile Phones

South Sudan


babies safely delivered in health facilities since 2015

People looking at Blackboard



children enrolled across Northern Ghana

Man making presentation

Our Foundation

Energy access extended to


people worldwide

Crown Agents has always been about transforming the future for people around the world. Our strength lies in our deep knowledge of local context and in the quality of our local relationships. We support and develop the self-sufficiency of individuals, communities and institutions.

Whether tackling the consequences of conflict or working with our clients to turn immediate support into lasting prosperity, we are exceptionally experienced and skilled in changing lives for the better. Our locally grounded partnerships, practical experience and strategic understanding make us world leaders in supply chain.

Where life-saving healthcare services are needed, we intervene at scale, even when institutions fail.

The Sustainable Development Goals give the world a comprehensive universal manifesto for good development. A partnership of global skills and local knowledge will play an essential part in fulfilling that vision – and so will Crown Agents.

Fergus Drake
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