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Economic growth and tradeEconomic governance and trade

Helping governments better manage public resources, streamline border controls, and improve public service delivery across government agencies   

We help countries and regions improve economic governance through public financial management and macroeconomic analysis in order to increase economic growth, trade, and investment. Our global development legacy and expertise in every dimension of public finance management (revenue, customs, tax, expenditure, treasury, and debt) as well as international trade facilitation, enable us to help transform national economies.

We help governments around the world grow their economies and generate funding for public services by reforming tax and customs agencies, and support economic growth and trade by streamlining processes and introducing new technology into government agencies. We do this by addressing the primary constraints to trade, promoting business enabling regimes, advising public sector reform, and implementing interactive information portals.

By modernizing organizations and enhancing the skills of staff, we help improve long-term capability and build strong institutions for public financial management.

Our core competencies include:

  • Public Sector Reform and Governance – development of public administration and governance systems that promote accountability and transparency​, use of international ‘best practices’ in service delivery and citizen involvement.
  • Public Financial Management — development of a macroeconomic framework, medium-term budget framework, project appraisal and capital budgeting, budget execution, accounting and reporting, cash and debt management, oversight strengthening.
  • Tax Reform and Modernization — creation of taxpayer units, value-added tax (VAT) implementation, taxpayer administration reform.
  • IT Systems Modernization and  Improvement — integrated financial management systems,  debt management software, software training, IT strategy.
  • Customs and Trade Facilitation — national single window, one-stop border posts, legal and regulatory environment, customs modernization.
  • Climate Change (“Green”) Financing – providing advice to governments on the various ways to mobilize financing for climate change initiatives and programs.

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