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Humanitarian Affairs Officer (HAO)

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The below activities may be undertaken in-country or as part of a support role from DFID London/ East Kilbride offices.

  1. Assessments/Risk monitoring

  • Provide analysis of the evolving situation and access information required for determining humanitarian programming.
  • Support DFID and/or DFID partner disaster impact and needs assessments as required.
  • Contribute to humanitarian reports and analysis.
  • Liaise with DFID staff including field teams (as required), FCO, MoD officials, UN, Red Cross/Crescent and NGO personnel as required.

   2. Programming/results monitoring

  • Assist the Humanitarian Advisers in recommending programme priorities and strategies and appropriate delivery methods.
  • Support the Humanitarian Advisers to review partner programme concept notes and project proposals.
  • Support the in-country Humanitarian Advisers in liaising with NGOs, Government, ICRC and UN bodies.
  • Assist the Humanitarian Advisers with the provision of humanitarian and technical advice as appropriate and as required.
  • Assist the Humanitarian Advisers to identify partners’ institutional strengths and weaknesses and advise remedial actions.
  • Aid the Humanitarian Advisers in quality assurance, field monitoring and reporting on the performance of international agencies and DFID’s partners.
  • Help with establishing a system for tracking DFID attributable results for the response


  3. Representation

  • Represent DFID to international forums, overseas governments and authorities.
  • Attend and support international coordination mechanisms as required.


   4. DFID business support

  • Provide input and at times lead on developing draft submissions, information notes, briefings, and parliamentary correspondence for DFID and HMG.
  • In collaboration with the Humanitarian Advisers, assist with the development of DFID business cases for response interventions.
  • Contribute to DFID’s internal lessons learning processes’




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