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Greenshields Cowie (GSC) is a subsidiary of Crown Agents which specializes in delivering goods and commodities in challenging environments, particularly in the immediate aftermath of natural disasters and conflict, where fractured systems are the most threatening to supply-chain performance.  We have managed end-to-end, high-performing supply solutions for non-profit organizations, governments, NGOs, and commercial enterprises.  As an industry leader in final mile logistics, our core business over the last 10 years has been movement of goods into Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. 

GSC has unique, deep-rooted experience and expertise in the use of multi-modal transport, including air, ocean, and surface.  We have moved thousands of containers of commodities by multi-modal means to over 40 countries.  Our solid track record proves that, regardless of the commodity or complexity of the location and terrain, we will get the goods to their final destination.  GSC’s branch in the U.S., Greenshields USA Inc., is a registered freight forwarder with the Federal Maritime Commission (Registration No. 3436F).

  • Agility and Adaptability:  Our solutions are drawn from our team’s extensive experience and are tailored to individual contexts.  We evaluate and select the most appropriate approach and proactively monitor implementation, anticipating risk and adapting our approach as needed.
  • Proactive Risk Identification and Planning for Mitigation:  For each supply chain program, we draw on and mobilize our extensive operational experience to anticipate and identify risks, continuously monitoring and adapting our approach throughout contract implementation to mitigate the risk of delay, loss, or damage of goods.
  • Insider Understanding:  We have a unique network of partner relationships/local knowledge, among national authorities and service providers, global transport suppliers, and cargo airlines.  This unique insider view of procedural, economic, environmental, and infrastructural context and challenges enables us to provide superior, agile, and targeted solutions.
  • End-to-End Supply Chain:  We treat the supply chain as an integral whole, to improve planning and unlock opportunities for performance gains, and to ensure secure, accurate, and traceable delivery of all commodities procured by our clients.   We have a proven ability to manage large-scale, complex, and multi-modal logistics projects, involving the movement of hundreds of containers from multiple ports and highly complex distribution to hundreds of destinations.
  • Dedicated Team:  Our team often works 24 hours a day to achieve outstanding results and to remain contactable.  For the Ebola emergency response, our team worked around the clock to prepare for emergency humanitarian aid AN12 flights departing the UK every 48 hours, moving over 1,500 tons via air and road to Sierra Leone.
  • Local Understanding:  We offer vital understanding of the bureaucratic, environmental, and infrastructural challenges of less developed economies.   We have a reliable network of national authorities and service providers, global transport supplies, and cargo airlines.

Recent movements and support include:

  • Supplied five new Ebola Treatment Centers in Sierra Leone with 700 line items in nine different categories (e.g., medical equipment, clothing, logistics and sanitation, medicines, protective equipment, forms and stationary, medical supplies, equipment, and first aid kits)
  • 1356 vehicles
  • 3000 x 40’ high cube containers of mosquito nets and medical equipment into Africa and Asia
  • 140 x 40’ high cube containers of bridging for Pakistan flood relief
  • Charter vessel for vehicles from Libya
  • Container shipments of various commodities into and out of Iraq, Afghanistan, and South Sudan
  • Export clearance and movement of over 900 shipments of frozen, perishable, and dry-food commodities for ES-KO on behalf of the UN Peacekeeping Forces in Haiti by air and ocean

In 2014, GSC was shortlisted for a British International Freight Association (BIFA) Freight Service Award for work in Pakistan.  Hundreds of bridges were washed away during the 2010 flooding, leaving the country’s infrastructure dangerously fractured and some 20 million people extremely vulnerable.  GSC shipped 332 containers of bridging equipment that were used to create vital new bridges. 

For more information visit the Greenshields Cowie website.
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