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Pandemic Response

Our expertise in health systems strengthening, supply chain management, and global logistics helps our partners respond rapidly and effectively to outbreaks of pandemic disease. 

During the West Africa Ebola crisis, Crown Agents worked shoulder-to-shoulder with the UK and Japanese governments, the African Union, and local partners to construct and equip Ebola treatment centers (ETCs). Mobilizing immediately upon request, within 72 hours we were able to source, procure, and deliver more than 600 vital line items for ETCs. Between September 2014 and July 2015, we procured more than 10 million individual items from more than 240 suppliers, with no stock outs at any of our treatment centers. The benefit of this work is durable beyond the immediate crisis- the supply chains we established are being used for wide health system strengthening, 4 of our ETCs are being used for general medical testing, and surplus medication and equipment is being distributed regionally.

Responding effectively to pandemics takes more than just operational expertise- it requires thought leadership to identify emerging threats, highlight effective strategies, and build local partnerships. 

With this in mind, Crown Agents USA ​and Texas A&M's Bush School of Government and Public Service hosted a strategic primer on pandemic response ​in 2017 and beyond. Panelists and speakers including USAID Administrator Andrew Natsios, Dr. Anthony Fauci of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, JICA Deputy Director Ikuo Takizawa, Sanofi-Pasteur’s Head of U.S. Federal Contracts Dr. James Matthews, and leaders from USAID/OFDA, International Medical Corps, PAHO, and others set the stage for ​identifying emerging pandemic threats and the strategies needed to defeat them. Please find event footage at right​ and presentations below.

Our expertise in pandemics covers key elements of the response cycle:


A key part of being a response organization is being prepared to deploy and respond to emergency situations. We provide the human and physical capacity needed for rescue, recovery and relief work. Our expertise spans every aspect from specialist deployment to managing stockpiles to ensuring that international help is not hindered by administrative road blocks.


Our people are often some of the first on the ground in an emergency situation and will be working with stakeholders and colleagues around the world to assess what is required, evaluating risks and ensuring safe and efficient processes and procedures are put in place as swiftly as possible.


Our procurement and logistics teams are experienced in designing innovative sourcing and procurement strategies and have the agility to meet specific disaster response requirements customizing critical commodities.  While our award winning freight forwarding team ensure prompt clearance of goods and onward delivery to the most remote and challenging locations. Crown Agents humanitarian advisers are able to draw on their experience of applying sustainable development approaches to humanitarian programmes and will build resilience in early recovery at the same time as addressing immediate needs. 

Lessons learned

We ensure that we measure all aspects of our response and strive to ensure constant innovation and improvement whether that is to the products we provide, or the value for money we offer to our clients.

Download our Ebola response case study below


Pandemic Conference Presentations
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