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Sourcing & Procurement

We source globally and regionally, continuously scanning and shaping supply markets. We inspect vendors and supplies, to ensure the quality that saves lives. We design and manage open, competitive procurement to deliver high quality, vendor performance and value for money. 

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Global Sourcing
With over 180 years of experience in creating supply chains in countries across the globe, Crown Agents has access to an unmatched network of manufacturers and distributors in both local and internatinal markets.

This means we can quickly implement cost-effective, secure supply chains in the most challenging contexts. Crown Agents Turkey will utilise this experience to create procurement and sourcing solutions in the middle-east and beyond.

All of our partners have undergone strict due dilligence to ensure they comply with international standards and practices.

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Quality assurance
Crown Agents understand that each part of a supply chain needs to operate at maximum efficiency to guarantee the on-time delivery of vital goods and services.

Regular and thorough inspections allow us to eliminate potential issues before they disrupt the supply chain and endanger the wellbeing of the millions of often vulnerable individuals we serve worldwide.

Crown Agents Turkey has access to market-leading inspection and quality assurance expertise, allowing us to provide consistent delivery of high-quality goods, even in the most difficult markets.

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Open, Competitive Procurement
A wide, competitive  procurement process drives down costs and improves delivery terms. Crown Agents is trusted by major suppliers worldwide, and is diligent in researching emerging markets with a view to building strategic partnerships with potential suppliers.

This combination of local and global knowledge allows us to find the right suppliers for any context. The strength and breadth of our network means that we can avoid becoming overreliant on specific companies, and can implement a competitive environment for tenders.

Crown Agents Turkey will apply this procurement process ​in Turkey and Syira, delivering both quality and value to its clients in the region.
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