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A Strong Approach to Ethics, Transparency and Compliance

Crown Agents Turkey has labour rights and the promotion of human rights at the heart of its business and we believe in active mitigation of the risks of corruption in global supply chains. Ethical business practices are strategically beneficial for our clients, offering a more efficient, value-for-money service.

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A Dedicated Compliance Unit

Our specialist Compliance Unit works closely with project teams to implement key ethical policies and standards, to offer advice, training and support to staff and partners and to create a culture of compliance across the organisation and the sector at large. Our approach to ethics and compliance embeds internationally recognised, end-to-end standards throughout the supply chain.

Robust Vendor and Partner Due Diligence

We assure our clients that programmes are served by well-run, high performing companies.

We conduct robust due diligence on all vendors and partners as an essential part of selection. This includes ethical, criminal and statutory compliance, verifying tax and other company filing.

Once a vendor or partner is ​reviewed their details are held and monitored through a central database. 

We adhere to all recognised laws including the UK Bribery Act, UK Modern Slavery Act and the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

We embed good practice through close engagement with our suppliers and partners, including face to face coaching, full information sharing and learning workshops.

Regular anti-corruption training is a condition of employment for our staff.

Crown Agents’ Ethical Code for Business Partners

All Crown Agents Group companies, their directors, officers and employees are required to adhere to the standards of our Ethical Code for Business Partners.

Please click here to read our ethical code for business partners in full.

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