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Our work with private foundations and social investment programmes

We work with private foundations and social investment programmes to help them achieve their social impact goals, whether these are boosting economies and employment or better welfare and education.

With broad development experience and strong relationships in developing countries, we facilitate cooperation between private organisations, the public sector and civil society.

Banking, financial management and procurement

We help foundations deliver programmes on the ground with a complete project support service, including procurement, contract management, banking, grant administration, financial management and administration, planning and budgeting and knowledge management. We also train and develop in-country teams to ensure programmes are well-run locally.

Building capacity in civil society

Successful programmes nearly always depend on effective engagement with community and civil society organisations. We provide training and capacity building in core financial and management skills, so that such organisations can win funding from grant making bodies and deliver their programmes effectively.

Building capacity for national participation

We help build skills that will enable people in local communities to be employed in the new mineral and oil sectors of developing countries. This helps to promote more rapid local development, wealth sharing and stability.

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