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Local presence

Our geographic presence gives us the knowledge and agility to provide the best possible service to our clients wherever they are located

Deep experience, local solutions

We have worked in many of our client countries for many decades, giving us deep insights and appreciation of the practical challenges and political economies in which we work.  We draw on a rich body of knowledge and ideas gained from hundreds of transformation programmes in emerging and transitional economies all over the world and, using our local insights, create and deliver programmes for our clients.

Side by side with our clients

We quickly establish close working relationships with our clients, beneficiaries, and stakeholders and are agile and resourceful in developing innovative and practical solutions. We build trust, commitment and skills as we work and this means progress is owned and sustained locally.

An invested stakeholder in the progress of emerging countries

We are a stakeholder in the development and performance of the countries we work in. We have permanent offices in 22 countries in Africa and Asia, as well as in the UK, US and Japan.

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