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The Crown Agents Foundation is the sole not-for-profit owner of Crown Agents social enterprise. The Foundation drives the social mission that sits at the heart of Crown Agents. It has two important roles to play.

Firstly, the Foundation ensures that the work that Crown Agents undertakes makes the most positive social impact on individuals and communities the projects and programmes it delivers, are designed to benefit.

Oversight of Crown Agents is the responsibility of the Crown Agents Council. The Council  - a group of 12 individuals representing the members, meet every six months to review the work of the Crown Agents social enterprise.

Secondly, profits generated from Crown Agents in the international development market are ploughed back into the social enterprise, with some used by the Foundation to broker new partnerships for good, research and grow the evidence for innovation in the sector and amplify insight and learning for the overall improvement of the market.

In 2017 the Crown Agents Foundation will launch new a series of new initiatives with investment from the business, to add additional social value to its work. The initial focus will be on new frontier technologies and ways that we can ensure that they sustainably benefit, humanitarian and development activity.  Already, the Foundation has supported initiatives on solar energy and drones

event website picInvestigation into drones for development Our Foundation is investigating the potential for new frontier technologies to make major impact on the development prospects of poor countries and save lives in humanitarian crises.  We kicked off our investigation with a panel discussion in partnershipwith the RSA exploring the potential of technologies such as drones for social good. Watch the discussion here

Drones are rapidly emerging as a potentially effective tool for addressing the needs of people in crises and as a means to overcome major development obstacles such as poor infrastructure.Crown Agents Foundation is seeking partners with whom to explore 3 areas; potential uses of drone technology in international development; the regulatory and consumer protection environment; and public trust and engagement. Our Foundation is particularly interested in ways to ensure that local communities fully participate in the consideration of new tech solutions, retain control over their application and benefit directly from the use of new frontier tech. 

Smart solar for Zimbabwe hospitals Crown Agents Foundation worked with Aleutia and DFID Zimbabwe to secure ‘Frontier tech’ funding to trial a smart solar power solution for remote hospitals in Zimbabwe. The ‘SolarEnabler’ box provides intelligence on power consumption of hospital devices such as baby incubators, scanners, etc and thereby improves allocative efficiency of power supply.

TI logoOpen Contracting for health Transparency International is advocating for the value of transparent procurement processes and has partnered with the Crown Agents Foundation and ​the Open Contracting Partnership to produce a report: 'Making the case for open contracting in healthcare procurement'. The report focuses on three case studies, including the Crown Agents success working with the Ministry of Health in Ukraine on the supply chain for oncology drugs.

In the past, Crown Agents Foundation has successful supported capacity building in the least developed countries by providing training and other professional development support to teams and individuals. It has also supported the ability of least developed countries in be considered properly in economic and trade facilitation talks. Some examples include:

  • Supporting a number of least developed countries strengthen their voice in trade negotiations by facilitating an opportunity for their requirements to be properly brought to the attention of those leading trade facilitation talks.
  • A workshop to help governments of West Africa maximise revenues from the extractive industry to help alleviate poverty and low living standards. 40 people participated from government agencies, international organisations such as the World Bank, International Tax Dialogue, GIZ, AusAID, UNDP and the Revenue Development Foundation.
  • The sponsorship of 350 students on training courses and 27 seminars run supporting capacity-building.

Going forward, the Crown Agents Foundation has ambitious plans to diversify its approach, in partnership with others. More information about these plans will be available in coming months.

Members of the Crown Agents Foundation

Crown Agents Foundation members are united by their interest and experience in international development and global affairs. Members come from the public and private sectors, NGOs and civil society and they bring senior leadership and counsel to Crown Agents.

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